Ph.D.,Daryl Chow

The First Kiss

Many clients take the first step to see a psychotherapist and do not return after the first session. Why do people disengage so early, when we have so much to offer? One of the key reasons is that we are too focused on conducting an Intake instead of finding a way to Give.

We have to find ways to deepen the engagement with our clients right from the first session of therapy.

The First Kiss is specifically for the discerning psychotherapist who is willing to challenge the status quo of our profession in the way we conduct our first sessions.

At the forefront of coaching psychotherapists and agencies in their professional development, psychologist and trainer Daryl Chow, MA, Ph.D. (Psych) provides compelling applicable ways to increase your impact, so as to reduce dropouts and achieve better outcomes.

By following the concepts in this audiobook, you will also develop a perennial framework to sustain your lifelong development plan in improving your first sessions and beyond.
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Correlate Press
Ph.D., Daryl Chow


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