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Golf: Rookie's Handbook - 13 Rookie Mistakes that Sabotage Your Golf Game Every Time

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Take Yourself from Miserable, Mediocre Golfer to Consistent Par-Breaker

Imagine this. You've been working on your golf game for the past few months now, and you think you're starting to see results.

You read all the books, forums, and watched all the videos in preparation for this moment.

You take the shot. You swing. And miss. Again.

Aren't you sick of that feeling?

I know it way too well. It took me years to go from a totally inconsistent golfer to one that could regularly break par.

I browsed golf forums, social media groups, and even read dozens of books on the subject. I loved everything about the game, but for the life of me, I just could not win.

But over time, I started to gain a little traction. I would adjust my grip a bit, and my score improved.
I would change up my swing a bit, and my score improved a tad bit more. I did this with every aspect of my game.

This trial and error process eventually paid off, but it took years.

Fortunately for you, I consolidated all of that information into this single game-changing guidebook for beginners like yourself. In this book, I show you exactly what you need to focus on to see results in mere weeks, rather than spending years and years like I did.

There is no "golf theory" here...just tried and tested tactics from an experienced golfer.

All you need to do is focus on the tactics in this book exactly as I teach you, and you will see drastic improvements and consistent wins in your golf game in no time.

Inside This Game-Changing Audiobook, You'll Discover:

•The Game-Changing Grip Technique
•Alignment for Total Accuracy
•Posture of The Pros
•The Weight Distribution Power Swing Trick
•Swing Tempo
•The Daily Ritual for Success
•Warming Up The Right Way
•Course Management Like A Genius
•The Winning Ball Selection Method
•How To Over-estimating the Distance You Strike the Ball
•Cleaning your Clubs For Longevity
•Etiquette On The Course
•Grounding the Club in a Hazard & Much, Much More!

It's time to step your game up. Scroll back up and click BUY IT NOW when you're ready to start winning!

Steven Franco
Patrick Pitu


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