Beca Lewis


An evil tyrant. A rebellious uprising. Will her destiny prevent total destruction… or send everyone to their doom?
Her gift of shapeshifting may have disappeared, but Meg Porta won’t let her new home perish. Clinging to a slender thread of hope, she’s forced to fulfill her mysterious part in an ancient prophecy. But when the three leaders of a dark religion each make violent plays for ultimate power, Meg and her allies are plunged into a race to destroy the source of their magic.
Sailing hard from the rebel islands to be the first to reach the remote mountain location, Meg can’t shake the feeling she’s about to repeat a terrible mistake. But with a powerful genius leading an army of undead warrior monks intent on taking her down, she’ll have to seize her foretold place in history or face total obliteration.
Will Meg claim her fated role and save the world from falling to malevolent tyranny?
Discovered is the third book in the fast-paced Chronicles of Thamon fantasy series. If you like daring heroines, twisted tyrants, and selfless sacrifice, then you’ll love Beca Lewis’s gripping tale.
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Perception Publishing
Beca Lewis


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