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Clicks to Money

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Clicks to Money: The Essential Guide to PPC Marketing. Discover the Ins and Outs of Effective PPC Marketing Strategies That Would Help You Reach More Customers

PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click marketing, has been in existence for many years now, with one of the more popular PPC marketplaces being Google's advertising program, Adwords. So, how can an average joe marketer join the ranks of successful PPC gurus who have utilized the popularity of PPC search engines and marketplaces to jump start websites, establish an online presence, build a brand, grow a list and maximize their income potential?

In this audiobook, you will learn all about PPC marketing and advertising. It will give you tips on how to create effective yet cheap PPC campaigns.

This audiobook will discuss the following topics:

-An Overview of Google Search Network

-How to Increase Your Quality Score

-Keyword Research Simplified

-How to Create Targeted Ad Groups

-Ad Budget Setting

-Click Fraud

-Writing Your Ads

-How to Create Converting Landing Pages

-Campaigns Split Testing

-Cost Tracking of Sales

-And many more!

By targeting the right type of customers with your PPC marketing ad campaign, you will present your ads to individuals who are actually looking for your products and services. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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