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Show Your Work

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Show Your Work: Discover What It Takes on How to Excel in the Workplace and Outshine the Rest
The corporate world is a place wherein one has to carve out one’s way to get to the higher echelon of the corporate ladder. It’s as if one is shouldering his/her own way to get to a higher level. Yet it is a given fact that there are other people who also want to get to the higher level of the workforce. In this situation, the workplace becomes a highly-charged and a highly competitive place wherein most people can be literally clawing at each other.
In this audiobook, you will learn strategies on how you can exceptionally perform in the workplace and outshine your colleagues. You will learn tips on how to develop and enhance your talents and skills so you can stay above the rest.
This audiobook will cover the following topics:
- The Competitiveness In Workplace
- Trade Off with Time & Energy
- Set A Benchmark And Work On It
- Show Off Your Strength
- Keep Learning And Sharing
- And many more!
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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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