Daniel Drache,Marc D. Froese

Has Populism Won? - The War on Liberal Democracy (Unabridged)

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Has populism won? Two experts show us how and why this disturbing global political trend has taken root and what it will take to turn the tide
From Trump's America to Putin's Russia, and from Poland to the Philippines, rapid change and rising inequality have fueled a retreat into tribalist nationalism fed by a fear of being left behind. Populist leaders tap into this fear, with empty promises of looking out for the little guy and promising a return to national greatness. This is happening in countries across the globe and the political spectrum, arising in the right and the left alike. So why are we so susceptible to this pernicious political style at this moment? How did we get here? Will we get back to more even-handed governments? And more importantly, how has the global insurgency captured high offices across the globe, winning election after election? And more importantly, if Putin is defeated in his unprovoked war on Ukraine, will vociferous publics turn against the insurgency? Liberal democracy is at a turning point, as system smashers aren't about to go quietly into the night, and there are few viable alternatives in the wings.
Political scientists Drache and Froese have turned original research into a compelling analysis of the rise of populism and reveal what it will take to douse the flames. This is an essential read for anyone concerned about the encroachments on freedom and the rule of law around the world.
ECW Press
Carmel Amit
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