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Skill Stacking

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Have you been told that you have to give up most of your passions or interests and focus on one to be successful? Or that you have to be a specialist to succeed in today's environment? If you want to find out why that is the wrong advice, then keep reading....
It is true that specializing was the key to a success and a higher income 30 years ago but in today's ever changing environment this is just not true. In fact it could actually be the cause of your failure. Today being able to get good (not master) at a number of skills and then combining those skills, will give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed.
In this book by Steven West, a author of multiple books in the field of self improvement, Skill Stacking: A Practical Approach to Life, Beat the Competition and Do What You Love you will discover:
How to get good at any skillWhat are the 5 Meta skills needed to succeed in any fieldThe art and science of skill stackingThe unique advantages of generalismand much more
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Steven West
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