Frank Dixon

How Parents Can Teach Children to Live With Transparency

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Do You Wish That Your Children Would Always Be Honest With You?This book will show you how to make that happen.
In How Parents Can Teach Children to Live with Transparency, best-selling parenting skills author Frank Dixon offers loving parents proven methods that any Mom or Dad can use to help their children understand the value of being honest and telling the truth, especially to family members and teachers.
In this ground-breaking positive parenting book, you will learn:
✓ Intrinsic values of a transparent child – stress reduction, reducing kids’ anxiety, improved self-confidence and high self-esteem
✓ How to reward and reinforce positive behavior when your child is honest, even when the truth is not ideal
✓ How to develop your inner lie detector, so that you can tell when your pre-teen or teenage daughter or son is engaging in dishonesty, deceit, or keeping secrets
✓ How to encourage openness, develop trust with your children, bond with your child and promote positive family communication
✓ How to ensure the ‘little white lies’ like lying about friends, grades, or social media usage do not become larger problems
There is no better time than right now to ensure a healthy relationship with your child, avoid unpleasant surprises and allow your kid or teenager to blossom into a balanced, honest, and successful individual.
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