Dave L. Finks, Fqued Ramsey

Money: The Ultimate Guide To Get A Personal Finance Makeover

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Are you in a mess when it comes to your finances?
Does money seem to fall through your fingers and you never have enough?
Do you need help to manage your money, so you get the most from it?
Money is an important, if not vital, part of living. We use it to pay bills and rent, buy clothes and food, support our families and to treat ourselves when we feel the urge. But making sure that the money you have goes as far as possible is a challenge that not all of us are up to.
In this audiobook, Money: The Ultimate Guide To Get A Personal Finance Makeover, you will be treated to some of the best advice that is available, that will help you to:
- Understand Priorities and Where You Are
- Keep Track and Set Limits
- Fix The Order Of What Gets Paid
- Ways To Save Money
With the tips and ideas contained within these chapters, you could soon find that you have a lot more cash to spend than before, just by simply making sure you take care of it wisely.
Download a copy and make sure that money doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket!
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Author's Republic
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