Erica Showdown


This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book 1: What it takes to be more mindful in your life is simple yet complex. One thing you should do, is focus becoming more that way, but it will not suffice unless you use the mindset and techniques that stimulate such thinking patterns.

In this book, you will be shown those methods, those ways in which you can reset your brain and stay away from negativity, depression, anxiety, stress at your job, or dealing with your busy schedule in more effective ways. Some background information will be provided, as well as thoughts and tips to consider.

I hope you give this book a try and find out for yourself what mindfulness can mean to you.

Book 2: The neuroscience of mindfulness stretches far beyond our imagination. Still, I, the author, will make an attempt to show you bits and pieces of its significance, effectiveness, and usefulness.

Involved in such mindful activities are the correct breathing techniques, tips on improving your psychological focus, eliminate distractions, and the general thought of why so many people have become victims of their own little worlds.

What matters most, however, is how you can escape the evil clutches of these times and become your own being. Read more to find out how!
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Efalon Acies
Sarah Margrave


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