Hugh Covey

Speed Reading: How to Learn Anything More Effectively and Fast With Advanced Speed Reading to Boost Productivity and Increase Memory

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How to learn anything more effectively and fast with advanced speed reading to boost productivity
This book provides you with the best tools and strategies to boost your reading speed, memory, and learning. You’ll be amazed at how many hours you can save when you double or triple your reading speed
In this book you will find how to:
How to QUICKLY find one hour per day for reading and learning even if you are super busy and overwhelmed
Learn 10x faster and memorize information with ease
How to stay HYPER focused and motivated on what’s most important for you to learn without procrastinating.
How to find more time to learn in a world of information overload and start implementing what you study faster
a systematic approach to accelerate your learning and acquiring any skills at 10x the speed
Hack your reading speed with technology and watch your speed double!
Would you like to improve your brain's ability to learn? And have you ever thought: Could my brain be capable of doing more?
Do you want to read faster?
Learn how to get information from any format into your head at least 2x times faster and manage your information for optimal retention and quicker, easier implementation
This book covers:
Benefits of Speed Reading
How to Be a Smart Speed Reader
Retaining Information while Speed Reading
Techniques to Aid Speed Reading
Bad Habits and How to Fix Them
How to Make speed reading a Habit
Be the Master of Your Attention Span
Managing Relationships the Right Way
The Fundamental Mindset
Basic Techniques to Speed Up the Learning Process
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Author's Republic
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