Steven West

Assertiveness: Set Boundaries, Stand Up for Yourself, and Finally Get What You Want

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Set boundaries & stand up for yourself
If you are interested in learning how to be assertive, get what you want, increase your self-esteem, and confidence, then this book, Assertiveness: Set Boundaries, Stand Up for Yourself and Finally Get What You Want is the audiobook you want to listen to.
Whether you have a passive personality and are struggling to be more assertive, or you're a people-pleaser who has problems with saying no without feeling guilty, or you have an aggressive personality where you get what you want, but get it in such a way that you are not well liked, and your manner puts people off, then you need to listen to this audiobook.
Inside you will find valuable information on the assertive personality, techniques, and tips that are designed to ensure you are armed with all the tools you need to become more assertive, get what you want, set your boundaries, and increase your confidence and self-esteem.
If you have grappled with the problem of saying “No” without feeling guilty or have never clearly set boundaries for yourself and for others to respect, there are chapters that can help you understand why these personality traits exist, how they begin, and how you can go about changing them.
Here are some of the other highlights that you'll learn about:
How we negative-speak, why this happens, and what steps and techniques can be taken to relieve this type of behavior
How not being assertive can be damaging to not only our psychological health but to our physical health as well, causing stress, and high blood pressure as examples
How in learning and practicing our assertive skills, you can help to teach your children how to be assertive, particularly in this day and age of bullying at school and online
How to set boundaries with family, friends, and in business to have healthy relationships in all areas
And much more
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Author's Republic
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