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Develop an Unbeatable Mindset, Transcend Difficult Obstacles, and Defeat Your Resistance to Change.
Do you give up too easily when life’s difficulties get in the way? Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress of challenging moments? Are you tired of being defeated by your own excuses for repetitive failure?
If so, Undefeated is for you.
Best-selling author and personal development leader Scott Allan combines pragmatic exercises for defeating self-imposed limitations and mastering fearlessness in any situation. Undefeated teaches you the strategies for becoming unbeatable, undefeatable, and to overcome impossible odds stacked against you.
In Undefeated, you’ll discover:
The 10 traits of Undefeated super-achievers and what makes them unbeatable.The Breakthrough formula to push past tough obstacles holding you back.Your self-defeating ‘Achilles Heel’ and how to close the gap on vulnerable weak points.Reframing your mindset and never giving up in the face of adversity.The willingness to beat insurmountable obstacles and develop your greatnessUndefeated will show you the strategies to persevere and become resilient in your mindset. If you need pragmatic exercises and a tactical program engineered to teach you how to overcome heavy opposition, this audiobook is for you!
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