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7 Vital Parenting Skills for Understanding Teenagers and Communicating With Teens

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Do You Want to Better Understand And Communicate With Teens?Then this is the book for you.
In this revolutionary positive parenting book, you will discover the 7 most important parenting skills for helping you to effectively communicate with your teenage child, including:
✓ How to set a positive example for your teenager, so they will be much more likely to make positive behavioral changes on their own
✓ Understand why your teenager does what they do – physical changes in the brain and hormones and how they affect teen social interaction, communication skills, empathy and handling high stress situations
✓ Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations to prevent defiance, lying and discipline problems
✓ How to set realistic expectations and ensure that your teenage son or daughter understands them
✓ How to choose which battles to have with your teen – specific examples of what issues need to be immediately addressed and which issues can be overlooked to maintain family harmony
✓ How to allow your teenager to have some independence, personal time and trust, while still keeping them safe
✓ How to teach your child with teen anxiety, social anxiety and/or self-doubt effective ways to overcome adversity and learn self-confidence.
It’s time to start building a healthy relationship with your teenager and help them learn the skills necessary to find happiness, be successful and be prepared for whatever life throws at them.
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