Silvia Vianello

The Proven Secret of an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

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The Proven Secret of an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile shows how to create a LinkedIn Profile that will get you noticed no matter what your expertise is. This book, written by Prof. Silvia Vianello, well known LinkedIn influencer, walks you through a step-by-step approach to creating a LinkedIn Profile that recruiters and hiring managers will notice. It will change your life for the better. Prof. Vianello, Director of Innovation Center at SPJAIN Business School, Dubai Campus, has already helped more than 100.000 executives all over the world to improve their career with the AI techniques included in this book. Now it is your turn. Learn how LinkedIn's Algorithm works so you know how to show up for recruiters or potential clients every time. Learn what is important when it comes to your LinkedIn photo, headline, and summary. Discover job search tips and AI tools that you can combine with LinkedIn to get noticed. Make sure that you hear about the best opportunities for your expertise every time. It all starts with having an accurate LinkedIn Profile. All combined, this book will help you in writing a killer LinkedIn Profile and avoid common mistakes. LinkedIn is really an untapped goldmine of career opportunities and leads, but few people understand how to convert those leads into clients and those opportunities in a new job. The Proven Secret of an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile is a personal branding roadmap that will help you generate a consistent flow of quality opportunities. Your new life starts here. Enjoy.
Silvia Vianello
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