Beatrix Barker


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Want to know the secret to simple living? The secret is Cottagecore! Life today is hectic; we’re constantly juggling the pressures of work and family life and if that is not enough we are all suffering from information overload. We often find ourselves surrounded by loved ones yet we feel compelled to stare at our phones or tablets in silence instead of connecting with the very people alongside us. Cottagecore is a concept about embracing a simpler more authentic life. Cottagecore is getting up early to bake some fresh bread, Cottagecore is curling up in front of the fire with a good old fashioned paperback book, Cottagecore is enjoying a picnic on a sunny spring day. This guide will give you tips on how to stop the hectic rat race and enjoy a more simple and wholesome style of living. This cute little book will help you adopt the Cottagecore concept into your life with the help of the 20 day #CottagecoreChallenge. This simple guide to Cottagecore will warm your heart and help heal your soul. Grab your copy now!
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Ross Pipkin
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