Ozan Dagdeviren

The Other Way: Happiness Through Critical Thinking

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Unlike what the general literature around finding meaning and happiness suggests, the only right way to happiness is not about through taking positive approach to life and making simple habitual changes... Come and take 'The Other Way' through brutal realism, critical thinking, re-questioning of basic values we have unknowingly internalized and acknowledging what is broken in our society.

Based on more than 40 scientific and literary resources ranging from Paul Piff, Richard Easterlin, Walter Mischel to Daniel Kahneman and Ursula LeGuin; and using the domain expertise of the author in the fields of Psychology and Sociology 'The Other Way' proposes a unique and valuable perspective and to its readers.

This book is guaranteed to offer you a fresh, mature view about life and give you a sense of purpose to work and better our world. On the personal level it aims to be a lantern, guiding you through tough questions you have to ask yourself, thus showing the way to heightened personal and societal awareness.


Discover how art can help you in ways you never thought possible.

Discover how the never-mentioned psychological effects of sports are vital for a vibrant and happy mind.

Discover how our mistaken beliefs about the justice and beauty of our world is making us miserable.

Find the right, grounded perspective based on science and critical thinking.

Discover what "the economy of unhappiness" is and how central a role money plays in regulating our emotions.

By connecting the dots; explore what is common between a mobile application that searches for happiness; the anecdotes of a cocaine addict; Gestalt Therapy and the concept of 'Flow'.

Get this book and see the world in ways you have never seen before.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Ozan Dagdeviren


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