Melissa Moore

Sex Positions for Couples

Do you find yourself struggling to find your passion in the bedroom?
You love your partner, and the sex is great, yet it feels like there’s something missing.

You love your partner, and everything is good…. But you know it could be better if you shook things up a bit.
That’s when Sex Positions comes in with the solution. With techniques that are going to take some surprising new twists on classic moves you’re already familiar with, it’s time to shake things up in the bedroom and push the boundaries of your carnal pleasure. Single, married, or looking for something different? This book has something for everyone that is looking to fill the missing piece of their sexual endeavors.
You Will Learn:
Why sexual compatibility has a more important role in your relationship than you realize.Oral sex basics and how to approach it from new angles.Explore the various man on top and woman on top positions, including more advance moves that will test your strength and endurance. Which sex positions are best if you’re dealing with anxiety but will want to experience pure pleasure.How to keep your erection stronger for longer.How to deal with premature ejaculation.Why using lubricants during sex is important. How food and exercise improve your sex life.
Sex Positions is a beautiful book about talks about the most natural, intimate part of what it means to be human. To come together and connect with another person in that way is an experience, unlike any other.
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Melissa Moore
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