Jeff Korhan

Built-In Social

Marketing today is driven by the customer. The old mindset was one of finding customers for your products and services.  The new one is to find products and services for the customers whose trust you have earned. Businesses that are succeeding today have acknowledged that as a result of new media they are in shared relationships with customers, employees, and other influencers in the community - even competitors. Social Centric Business is for the silent (and massive) majority whose collective destiny depends on building a business channel that aligns their business with its ideal customers, so that they can serve them well and ensure their continued relevance and success. Intended for mainstream businesses that want to get results from social media networking and marketing but have been frustrated by the obstacles, namely, the lack of a basic method or structure (and a practical step-by-step approach) for converting relevant social qualities--visibility, authenticity, accessibility, community, and relevance--into profitable outcomes.
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Jeff Korhan


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