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Summary of Outliers

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Short on time? Or maybe you’ve already read the book, but need a refresh on the most important takeaways. In a quick, easy listen, you can take the main principles from Outliers: The Story of Success
Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist and author. He has published six books since 2000 and has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996. Most of his books have been bestsellers.
Outliers was published in 2008. It was his third book and, like his previous two, became a New York Times bestseller. Outliers asserts that a person’s background and environment are every bit as important as intelligence and drive in achieving success. Critics have complained that Gladwell’s explanations for success are simply interesting, but too simplistic. However, the book has sold millions of copies and remains popular.
This audiobook encapsulates key takeaways found in the original book. We’ve also provided an in-depth analysis as well as removing any fluff to save you hours of your time. If you’ve read the original, then this audio summary will help you solidify the most important lessons.
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