Denis English

The Adventures of Bonza and Becky Bingle

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Bonza Bingle and his little sister Becky are always finding new adventures. Here are 7 great bedtime stories! The first story sees Bonza and Becky help a little bird with no beak. Can the children make a beak for the little bird?

Next, the night before Christmas, the children find themselves helping wrap lots of presents in Santa's Workshop at the North Pole.

And what happens when their little dog Booma finds a Magical Flying Suit buried in their garden? Will the children be able to fly high up through the clouds in the special suit? What about the baby fish Bonza finds struggling in a tiny rock pool at the beach? How could the children possibly find themselves riding through the waves on the back of a huge shark?

In another story, a visit to the Fire Station with his Childcare Group sees Bonza end up driving a huge red fire engine! Will Bonza be able to save a little dog called Boo Boo? When the children are having fun with their friend Buster Bonkers there's big trouble ahead when Buster throws a plastic Yummy Chummy wrapper onto the footpath. Who is the Ginny Bird and what lessons will the Ginny Bird have for the children?

Bonza and Becky love visiting their Nanna and Pa at the farm. This story sees the children have to come up with a very special plan to help their little dog Booma when he becomes trapped in a muddy paddock with a very angry big bull!

Whatever the adventure children everywhere now have the chance to join Bonza and Becky and let their imagination run wild.

Nothing is impossible and no challenge too difficult when children allow their imagination to run free.

Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Denis English


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