Jennie Leaf

The Complete Parent’s Guide to Disciplining Your Explosive Child

Do you have a child who can be a bit of a handful? Does their behavior sometimes irritate or embarrass you? Would you like to learn effective ways of disciplining them?
Every parent will have to discipline a child at some stage. No matter how well behaved they are, they all have a moment when behavior lapses and falls below what is expected. In years gone by, it was the custom to use physical force to chastise children, but this has been shown to be ineffective and now parents look for other ways to deal with problems.
In this book, The Complete Parent’s Guide to Disciplining Your Explosive Child: Discover the Best Strategies & Effective Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Easily Frustrated Child Gently, you will find all you need to achieve your goal, through chapters on:
-How parenting fits with human rights
-Dealing with children who struggle with emotions
-Developing your child’s social skills
-How to resolve conflicts easily
-Coping with an angry child
-Signs your child may be depressed
-Teaching relaxation and self-control
-And much more…
This comprehensive audiobook covers almost every conceivable issue that you may encounter with a child who is misbehaving and looks at the reasons behind it as well as the solutions that will suit everyone.
If that sounds like something you need then get a copy of The Complete Parent’s Guide to Disciplining Your Explosive Child and start learning how to deal with your frustrated child today!
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