Deborah W Pellegrino

The E-Commerce and Dropshipping Bible

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What if you could ditch your boring job and run a successful global business from the comfort of your home?
Would you travel the world?
Would you just cuddle with your cat all day long?
Would you spend lots of quality time with your loved ones?
The choice is yours. But now let's stop dreaming and talk about actually setting up that home-based business.
Many people still believe that running a business requires lots of time and money. Well... let's leave them alone with their outdated beliefs. In fact, you can set up a global business without really investing anything - this is exactly how dropshipping works. Dropshipping is a business model where all you do is promote your brand and take orders from customers - and your supplier does the boring work of manufacturing and shipping the products. Dropshipping may sound simple, but setting up a successful dropshipping business actually requires some insider knowledge and a foolproof marketing strategy. This is exactly what you'll find in this painfully honest book.
With the help of this book, you will:
Adopt the mindset of a successful dropshipper
Choose the best niche for your unique goals
Find an honest supplier of high-quality products
Set up your dropshipping store with Shopify, Ebay or Amazon
Promote your brand with SEO and social media marketing
Make sure that your customers are happy
Grow your business and sell your products all over the world!
You may have heard that setting up a dropshipping business is much harder in 2020 than it was a few years ago - after all, there's much more competition now. However, arm yourself with the expert knowledge you'll find in this book and you won't have to worry about competitors!
Joshua Black, Morgan M Whelan
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