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Golf: How to Play Golf, the Rules of Golf, Golf Basics, Golf Putting, Golf Swing and Other Golf Tips for Beginners

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This state-of-the-art golf book provides a focused, step-by-step golf instruction program that will help you understand the golf game and improve your golfing ability.

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This audiobook contains important instructional elements that help you learn and retain the skills that you need to develop to learn the game of golf. The guide is designed for both beginner golfers and for more experienced golfers. If you want to take your golf skills to a higher level, you will sooner or later have to take live golf lessons. But in the meanwhile, you can progress dramatically with the aid of this amazing audio program.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

All about Golf

The Equipment Used in Golf

How to Properly Hold the Club

Different Body Positions in Hitting the Ball


On Getting the Ball Up in the Air

Training Aids

And much, much more!

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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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