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Discover the secrets of persuasive copywriting and write effective emails and sales pages.
The market has changed and a good sale page, perhaps with a strongly persuasive and emotional edge, can drastically change your users' behaviour, bringing them to purchase your products.
We will examine how the persuasive and emotional component plays an increasingly crucial role in the sales game. Anyway, the logical, informative and rational component must always be available for your reader to give you credibility and to close the sale even to the most analytical reader. We will analyze the objections that will block your client's purchasing instinct and the secrets to conclude a transaction in the most effective way.
Gordin Lioy will eventually provide you several examples of high converting sale scripts and a lot of tips and tricks for effective copywriting. With this audiobook you will discover...
▸ The origins of copywriting and the problems it solves in the customer's mind
▸ What do we mean by Persuasive Copywriting
▸ The TWO mistakes 99% of copywriters unkowingly commit
▸ Basics of SEO copywriting to gain organic customers
▸ Business Copywriting Techniques
▸ How to maximize your value-by-word
▸ How to bring value to your specific target to make them trust you - and purchase from you
▸ The secrect words that will have a MASSIVE impact on your campaigns
▸ How to describe your products with the Benefit Technique
▸ Emotional communication - and why it is important
▸ How to read the numbers to measure the effectiveness of your work
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James Jakeway, George Moser
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