Lori Stein

Charm School For Men

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Have you ever had a friend who has turned chasing women away into high art?
Charm School for Men is a brilliantly clear, gregarious book. With these generous and direct words, Lori Stein somehow takes you into the mind of the single man. This is not merely a book about dating, nor is it a book about how to pick up women. Lori Stein demonstrates that there are seven key mistakes that commonly derail even the most eligible bachelors. Dazzling as Lori Stein’s insights are, it is her indefatigable patience and understanding that makes this book a crucial resource for single men.
Men who want to have a better understanding of women will read Charm School for Men. This book relates to any man of any age who has tried to meet a woman and has gotten a reaction that has mystified him. It will also help men understand what they really want in a relationship and how to go about getting it in a healthy and fun way.
Lori Stein has a degree in English Literature and a Minor in Philosophy. She’s worked in the film and television industry for years on projects such as music videos, documentary TV and music DVD’s. She’s also the author/illustrator of the comic books “The Adventures of Ranger Strange Bunny” and “Daniel and the Bunny.”
Lori Stein
Lori Stein
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