Frank Marcopolos

Infinite Ending

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A collection of ten short stories and two literary essays by Frank Marcopolos. Critical praise for this collection:
Kirkus Reviews: "There's plenty here that Updike and Cheever fans will like, even if they've never given postmodernism a second glance. A...frequently effective collection of stories about people seeking to understand themselves and their predicaments."
BlueInk Review: "Marcopolos has solid fictional instincts and a gift for language....His talents certainly offer satisfactions here."
SP Review: "These are rich, quick-paced stories where not a lot happens, but still manage to be page-turning because of Marcopolos's clean, spirited prose. Complex, even profound, stories leave the reader with more questions than answers, which is part of the book's appeal. Every reader will get something different from this collection. Marcopolos is an eloquent and provocative writer. These are strong stories that work very well." - 4 stars
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Frank Marcopolos


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