Brad Magnarella


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Go West, Prof Croft!
When my magical order assigns me to Grimstone, Colorado on a case, I’m in no hurry to pack my staff and spell books.
The outlaw county is a far cry from my academic calling in New York City. And I’m being paired with junior wizard James Wesson. A hustler, womanizer, and wannabe cowboy, he’s exactly why I prefer working alone.
But something sinister is snatching blondes on the full moon. The local werewolf gang? The six-hundred pound witch who runs the brothel? Or does the perp come from the mortal ranks of a population as strange as any supernatural I’ve encountered?
The only certainty is the lunar cycle, set to wax full in twenty-four hours—meaning we need to get cracking.
Can the wizard duo of Croft and Wesson blow open the case in time to save the next victim?
Or will our odd-couple act spell doom for Grimstone?
Croft & Wesson is a spinoff of the popular Prof Croft series but stands on its own. If you like buddy wizards, occult mysteries, and wild spell-slinging in one of the Wilder Wests around, you’ll love Croft & Wesson!
Brad Magnarella
James Patrick Cronin
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