Lincoln Stoller

The Path to Sleep

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If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up rested, this book will teach you what sleep is all about. We do not intuitively know how to sleep and our doctors can't tell us.
Like blind men describing an elephant, sleep professionals describe sleep issues as dysfunctions. Sleep problems are an opportunity to repair one's life. You'll never a get the story straight unless you understand what your sleep issues are telling you.
Sleep is chemical, neurological, mechanical, and psychological: a whole-body, psycho-somatic experience. Everything that's blocking sleep, or causing distress around sleep, is an opportunity to deeply encounter and repair the body's function. Sleep is a process of whole-body-mind repair and invigoration.
The Path To Sleep consists of written and spoken words. It contains twenty-four guided visualizations—MP3 audio files on the internet—that carry you in thought, image, rhythm, and frequency into other states of mind.
These are not simply different ideas or perspectives, they are different realities. We are different people in these different states. Many people—especially those who have trouble sleeping—do not, are rarely, or cannot even imagine being someone other than who they are. This inflexibility is why you're stuck; you'll find the training in this book essential.
The book focuses on:
• control of the rhythms of mind and body,
• discovery and resolution of the issues that underlie stress,
• day-time coping habits that undermine sleep,
• ability to understand, participate, and aid the subconscious,
• building a working relationship with dreams.
"This book is not just a book, it's a hands-on guide to the root cause of all those sleepless nights. It offers a complete paradigm shift to transform the very context of insomnia from something to survive to something to celebrate for its unique ability to act as a catalyst for growth."
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Lincoln Stoller
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