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The Next Gold Rush

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What do you know about the future of cryptocurrency?
Whether you are a seasoned investor, or you are just at the beginning of your crypto journey, Ethan Turer is here to guide you in The Next Gold Rush: The Future of Investing in People. This audiobook takes a look at the past and present of the cryptocurrency market, to explore the future possibilities of this exciting technology.
Ultimately, Turer seeks to address the idea that individuals are much more than cogs in the machine; each and every person has their own intrinsic value that can’t be expressed through purely financial means. Take a trip with Turer as he approaches these ideas with a fresh and thought-provoking mindset!
Some of the questions explored in this audiobook are:
What does the future of the cryptocurrency space look like?How can we make sure this technology benefits all of humanity and not just a select few?How can one create a crypto based around human value?What lessons can we learn from the past, to direct the future of cryptocurrency?Join Ethan Turer, as he delves into these questions in a well-researched analysis of how cryptocurrency has, and will continue to, transform the world as we know it.
Ethan Turer
Ethan Turer
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