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100 Quotes by Woody Allen

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‘100 Quotes by Woody Allen’ is a compendium of thoughts, sayings, and one-liners from the mind of a man who has worked as a scriptwriter, stand-up comic, actor, and author.

Often pithy and shot through with his trademark neurosis, this is a fantastic read for anyone with an interest in comedy and film.

An ideal book for dipping in and out of, and one that would be a welcome addition to any library.

Heywood ‘Woody’ Allen (1935 – present day) was born Allan Stewart Konigsberg in New York. Allen’s career as a comedy writer began when he was 15 years old. He began by sending jokes and one-liners to Broadway producers. One, Abe Burrows, sent his material to the likes of Phil Silvers and Sid Caesar, who paid him for his work.

Later, Allen was to write for the NBC Comedy Hour, progressing to write for comedy greats, including Bob Hope. After going on to become an acclaimed stand-up, he began to write, direct, and act in his own films. Among his most famous are ‘Sleeper,’ with Diane Keaton, ‘Annie Hall,’ featuring Christopher Walken, and ‘Small Time Crooks,’ starring Hugh Grant.

His autobiography, ´Apropos of Nothing,’ was released in 2022.
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