Carol Anderson

Facing the Fire

"We're probably going to lose. Why should we even try?"
"Trying gives us purpose. Sometimes trying is the whole point."
The Grays have won.
Despite resistance from Tavi Malin and the rest of the Golds, Konner Burrell and his puppet king now rule Cormina. Knowing their lives are in danger, the fugitive Golds have gone into hiding.
Tavi bides her time, striving to craft the perfect strategy to defeat the Grays. But when Konner's people begin killing innocents, Tavi realizes the battle for her nation's freedom cannot wait.
As gray magic infiltrates the land, the Golds plot to lure Konner into one final confrontation.
But Tavi isn't only fighting to liberate Cormina, she's also struggling with her own future—and how her friend Tullen fits into it.
It's hard enough for Tavi to risk her life. She must also decide if she will risk her heart.
Join the Golds for the magical conclusion to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy. Pick up Facing the Fire today!
Content warnings: This trilogy contains non-explicit descriptions of childbirth and other discussions of women's health issues. It also contains scenes depicting murder and abduction.
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Eliana Press
Carol Anderson
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