Raymond Sturgis

Erasing The Black Man: The New Movement of Removing Black Men from Black Women and Television

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Black men understand that no matter how much money, successes or achievement in education they obtain, white America will always see them as a threat and problem. Black men understand they are the superior race, unfortunately, seeds of hopelessness, fear, anger, and incompetence have obstructed the progress of black men. Majority of problems black men have is self-inflicted. They are destroying themselves with social poisons, drugs, guns, and crime that white American and foreigners invested in their communities. Just look at all the dumb and senseless crimes young black people are committing in their communities. It is shameful, and unfortunate that black men are ERASING their futures, and making white America proud at the same time. If black men look on television, they will see that majority of commercials have white men with black women and mixed children. The subliminal message is clear, black man you cannot hold what you claim, so they are ERASING YOU from black women and television.
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Author's Republic
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