William Walker Atkinson

The Psychology of Salesmanship

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The mere mention of the word "psychology" in connection with business was once greeted with a shrug of the shoulders, a raising of the eyebrows and a change of the subject. The average business man was apt to impatiently resent the introduction into business of topics or speculation regarding the soul, or of theories and tales regarding concepts of psychology. Change has come to the man in business. He understands that psychology means "the science of the mind," psychology plays a most important part in business, and that it is quite worth his while to acquaint himself with its fundamental principles. The best authorities on salesmanship and advertising now recognize this fact and emphasize it in their writings. In The Psychology of Salesmanship Atkinson discusses Psychology in Business, The Mind of the Salesman, The Mind of the Buyer and more bringing greater understanding to the reader of the Psychology of Purchase
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Lauryn Homan
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