Nikola Tesla

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

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In "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy," Nikola Tesla embarks on an intellectual voyage that explores the avenues through which human society could augment its collective energy resources for the betterment of mankind. First published in Century Magazine in 1900, this work showcases Tesla's profound ingenuity and his visionary approach to not only scientific and technological advancements but also to addressing broader existential challenges. Tesla delves into the mechanics of harnessing energy from renewable sources, such as the sun and wind, underscoring the critical importance of sustainable practices long before they entered the mainstream discourse. Moreover, he contemplates the symbiotic relationship between physical vitality, mental clarity, and moral integrity, positing that enhancements in these domains are pivotal for humanity's progress. Through "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy," Tesla offers a glimpse into his extraordinary mind, presenting a blend of technical innovation and philosophical insight aimed at uplifting human existence.
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Steve Blofeld
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