Terry Moore,Jerry Rivers

Passions of Howard Hughes

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In this book by former wife and legally recognized widow, Ms. Terry Moore, the private Hughes is finally revealed. Long romantically involved with America's first billionaire, Terry Moore secretly married Hughes in 1949. They never divorced. She reveals that Howard Hughes was more than a mysterious tragic character who played out his life before a fascinated world. He was flesh and blood, and perhaps one of the greatest romantics of the 20th century. For the first time, Howard speaks about his passions, his romantic exploits, and his daredevil flying escapades.
This is a compelling account of his passions for flying and his love for Hollywood's most famous starlets. In this steamy true story, Moore shares intimate details of his love affairs and the shocking secrets of his illness. She suggests that Howard received no medical treatment because he was the victim of a plot to take over his empire. This audio includes conversations between the billionaire and his starlet wife. You'll hear the mysterious Hughes as very few have, speaking with his wife and gossiping about celebrities. Warning: contains strong language and sexually explicit content
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Terry Moore
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