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The Three Companions - Compassion, Courage and Wisdom: The powerful keys to happier work and a fulfilled life (Unabridged)

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"What's stopping you being an outstanding leader?

Continually adapting to change and still exceeding business goals is a consistent leadership challenge.

Uncertainty and doubt, fear and frustration, anger and resentment, pressure and stress all stand in the way of getting the results you want.

In this inspiring and practical guide, leadership expert Sarah Higgins will coach you in seven revolutionary strategies that will enable you to break through the fear-based barriers that hold you and your team back, so you can lead from the heart and build resilience in your team with:

> Gratitude - recognise and nurture strengths and success.
> Hope - unite purpose with passion so everyone feels inspired.
> Learning - value mistakes and feel powerful in the face of failure.
> Forgiveness - promote acceptance and collaboration, leading to resolution instead of blame.
> Enthusiasm - face every challenge and task with energy and positivity.
> Compassion - encourage insight and empathy valuing difference and individuality.
> Humility - embrace vulnerability and courage to build honesty, integrity and trust.

With the Power of Love Leadership® you can build a highly motivated team that's fearless and motivated to collaborate, create, inspire and innovate. You'll think more clearly, make better decisions, push morale and productivity to unimaginable levels and navigate success with compassion, confidence and care."
Right Book Press
Tara Ward, Raj Ghatak, Vera Chok
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