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Expectant: First Time Mom Pregnancy Guide

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Be Prepared To Enjoy Motherhood!

This is the most comprehensive pregnancy manual on the market. Becoming a new mom can be scary. I mean, who is really, truly prepared when they become a parent for the first time? With this new book, you can be! Learn how you will need to change your priorities to become a mother and be the best one you can be, A new baby is a huge responsibility but you can and should enjoy the life you're bringing into the world! Every pregnant (or planning to get pregnant) woman should read this helpful guide to being a first time mother. Don't be stressed. Be prepared!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

- the symptoms of birth: the first ten signs telling you could be pregnant

- the ovulation

- the baby’s sex

- what you should eat during the pregnancy?

- needs, cravings and diet conta-indicates

- how much more should weight a woman when she is pregnant?

- exercises during the pregnancy

- pets and pregnancy

- pregnancy and smoking

- pregnancy and travelling

- sex during the pregnancy

- the birth stages

Much, much


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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Matt Montanez
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