Mortgage Tips

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In this short audiobook you will learn the following:
15 steps to financing your dream homeCan you finance a foreclosure?The biggest mistakes people make when getting a mortgageDo these things first before applying for a mortgageFirst-Time home owner programs you should know aboutHow does your credit affect your mortgage rateHow to get a mortgage even with bad creditWhat to look for in a mortgage lenderand much more....If you are in the market or just want to learn more about mortgages and all the tips and tricks you need to help you with your future transaction, this audiobook has all you need in it and you won't have to sit through a 12 hour long audiobook to get the basics down. Pick up Mortgage Tips - How to secure your first mortgage successfully and be on your way to having the knowledge to make the right decisions!
See you on the inside.
BlueNome Publishing
Robert Martin
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