Gene Levinson

Rethinking Evolution

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Rethinking Evolution links Darwin's early insights to the molecular realm inside living cells. This updated evolutionary synthesis provides an accessible explanation for biological complexity that cuts through the confusion surrounding evolutionary theory in a practical way. In addition to a wide-ranging survey of proposed updates to the modern synthesis, this title provides extraordinary new insights including emergent evolutionary potential and the generative phenotype. Drawing on well-characterized empirical facts, Rethinking Evolution transcends classical Darwinian natural selection while retaining those core principles that have stood the test of time. The updated synthesis brings a broad spectrum of specialized research together to provide a more plausible naturalistic explanation for biological evolution than ever before. Perspectives ranging from the role of energy in the origin of life to the networks of protein-DNA interactions that govern multicellular development are woven together in a robust conceptual fabric consistent with 21st century cutting-edge research. Inspired in part by the surprising ways that DNA sequences change—such as his early discovery of a fundamental mispairing mechanism by which DNA sequences expand—and drawing on a career's worth of experience both as a research scientist as well as a biology and chemistry tutor—the author provides an engaging account that is essential reading—both for the public awareness and understanding of the science of evolution and for students and professionals in the biomedical sciences.
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