Jesus as Sex Object: And Other Papers on Sexuality and Psychopathology

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Papers on autism, OCD, borderline personality disorder, bureaucratism, psychopathy, and sexual psychopathy.
Table of contents:
Why Star Trek was Such a Good Show: A Freudian Analysis
What is Borderline Personality Disorder?
Why Atheists are so Militant
What is the Debate Between Right and Left Really About?
Jesus as Sex Object
A Freudian Explanation of Prejudice
Ask Me Anything about Psychopathy!
Bureaucrats as Robot-precursors
Can Virtual Reality Help with Autism?
Elimination of Psychopathology is Subordinate to Maximization of Potential
Eunuchs Can’t Produce
Failure to Sublimate
A Freudian Analysis of the Peter Pan Syndrome
Fear Fear
How do I get over my OCD?
Are New Kinds of Psychopathy Coming into Existence?
Is Bill Cosby a Psychopath?
Late-stage Autism Part 1
Late Stage Autism Part 2
OCD and Philosophy
OCD is Not the Issue
The Circumstances that Brought it On are the Issue
Schopenhauer’s Fractal Conception of Reality
Submitting to Feminism Makes It More Psychopathic
The intellectual configuration of the bureaucrat
The Psychology of the Bureaucrat
The Two Ways in which Intellectual Activity Promotes Intelligence
Three Kinds of Psychopaths
Two Kinds of Psychopathy
Two Kinds of Sciences
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Matt Glista


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