Maureen Whittaker

Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes

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Jeremy Brett’s performances as Sherlock Holmes over a period of more than ten years are to this day collectively considered the definitive iteration of everyone’s favourite master sleuth. Jeremy delighted viewers with his dashing, arrogant, moody interpretation of the most popular famous detective. He brought a brooding intensity to his finest role - one of disturbing power.
In this audiobook, Maureen Whittaker takes the reader on an intimate journey through the entire Granada Sherlock Holmes series, exploring and analysing the decisions, process and reaction to Brett’s portrayal of Holmes. Using an array of first-hand reflections from those involved in the production of the series - and from Jeremy himself - listeners will hear, episode by episode, how Brett constructed his interpretation of the world’s only unofficial consulting detective. From the initial decision to cast Brett, his ambivalence to accepting the role, the initial challenges of bringing that fascinating character to life, the impact of the loss of his wife, to the ongoing success of the portrayal until his failing health prematurely ended his life, this audiobook is perfect for fans of Jeremy Brett, with an intimate portrayal of a complex man playing a complex role.
With more than fifty chapters and almost ten hours of audio, this is the perfect addition to any Sherlock Holmes fan’s bookshelf.
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