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Acquiring Rental Property

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"The author, by giving actual examples of investments and breaking it down so well makes me interested to go to the next step. Thank you!" - From: Steve 5/5 rating
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What will you get from this series from C.R. Wesley?
The power of knowledge is in the action. In C.R. Wesley's Real Estate Knowledge Series, you will start with an entry level welcome into the real estate market followed by stepping stones to new endeavors.
In this secondary literature in the Real Estate Knowledge Series, we will now become investors! You have previously learned how to acquire your first home with down payment assistance and now it is time for your second property! So, let us get started!
In this Real Estate Knowledge Series Book 2, Acquiring Rental Property: Learning Your Options for Starting Your Investment Portfolio©, you will be led through all the evaluation techniques in critiquing your investment, understanding your lending options (whether traditional or non-traditional) and an introduction to all the buying strategies you could utilize in buying your next investment (whether on or off-market).
We pride ourselves in providing educational content that efficiently teaches while also ensuring analytical fundamentals are shared!
You will learn a great deal whether; 1) this is a new topic for you, 2) you are a seasoned investor just looking to stay sharp or 3) you are looking for a guide to keep you centered!
- Our motive is to help people build success through education.
- Real Estate is a worthy lesson to learn. Continue to shop with us for our next launches
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Author's Republic
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