Raymoni Love

Days You Wish You Could F**ck Someone UP: When You Become Tired of People Sh* t

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The world has always been violent, and through violence nations and leaders have expressed their vexation across to those that pissed them off. I know today, the women of the entertainment industry would love to kick the Ass of the people that sexually harassed them. I am confident Donald Trump would love to F**CK someone up for getting on his nerves. I would love to F**CK my brothers up for their hatred, jealousy and conniving behavior. Or for better or worse let disease or violence take them out. This is the kind of anger, frustrations we have, and psychiatrist has said one must not hold such frustrations and stress inside for it may destroy us. Well, if it is best to let out our anger, why not let it out by F**CKing up those that pissed us off, or disrespected us. Join me in this beautiful book of how people decided to STAND UP and repay those that keep getting on their LAST NERVES! This REVISED EDITION includes new chapters and incidents where people fought back against their oppressors and violators. Wouldn't it be nice if all the people that were victims of rapid gun violence from social terrorist could repay them with gun violence as well?
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Shawn Huss
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