Raymond Sturgis


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Black women for years have been dealing with men and their issues of intimidation, abuse, and disrespect. This book reflects the anger and frustrations of black women being the only parent and breadwinner in the family. In addition, this book corroborates black women's need for love and a sincere commitment in marriages and relationships. Television, soap operas and social networks can confuse a person into believing the wrong characteristics to look for when dating and establishing relationships. Tired! Why Black Women are TIRED of Men Sh*t! take a person on a journey where black women improve their self-esteem because a person cannot find love if they feel they are unworthy of love. Tired!: Why Black Women are TIRED of Men Sh*t!, also help black women see the mistakes they have made in dating and choosing partners for committed relationships. Love is not supposed to be complicated, and Tired!: Why Black Women are TIRED of Men Sh*t! help black women understand that they are not the problem and that disagreements are normal, Tired!: Why Black Women are TIRED of Men Sh*t! is the most realistic book on the market that inspire black women on every issue to understand the beauty of love and how to find love again after a painful break up or divorce.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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