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Emeril Vaughn

Market Research in Practice

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Market Research in Practice: The Essential Guide on Niche Marketing. Discover the Right Niche to Focus on for the Success of Your Online Business

Niche marketing research has more misinformation surrounding it than just about any topic of marketing on the Internet. Some can’t even agree on what exactly is niche research. It’s important to learn the facts from the myths so that you will be successful in doing your niche marketing research. Niche research is the in depth study of a segment of a market in order to determine if that market has a sufficient demand to warrant the production of a product or service to fill that demand.

In this audiobook, you will learn everything you need to know about niche marketing and how to do it properly. It will give you a solid foundation on niche marketing research.

This audiobook will cover the following topics:

- What Is A Niche?

- What Is Niche Research?

- Niche Research In Detail

- And many more!

Niche is a lot of work and it’s important to do proper research. To learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now.

Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Marcus Mulenga
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