John Adamssen,Hendrick Kramers


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There are 2 titles in this book, which are:

Title 1: This book focuses on three important aspects of body language: Leadership, reading hints, and making eye contact.

It sounds so simple, but these are three of the most important factors in conversations between two people, or in a group, and they define who we are, what message we convey, and how to interpret those messages every day.

Title 2: How can you use these techniques in your life?

How can you live a happier, more successful life?

These questions are the center of this brief, comprehensive guide. You will learn about having self-compassion, how to alter the perception of your sense, reframing your mind, how to choose the stories you tell yourself, timeline treatment, visual squash, value rules, and more interesting ideas that relate to NLP.
Efalon Acies
Rory Young, Sarah Margrave
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