M.S,MSC,Aditi U. Joshi,Brandon M. Welch

Telehealth Success

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The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of telehealth, forcing many clinicians to adapt overnight. While some have adapted well, many wrestle with the unique challenges of providing care virtually. What distinguishes those who flourish from those who struggle?

In what is becoming the essential guide to telehealth, Drs. Brandon M. Welch and Aditi U. Joshi leverage captivating stories and groundbreaking research to unravel the complexities of telemedicine. They outline what it takes to thrive with telehealth across five critical domains:

Patient Success: Ensuring patients receive quality care suited to their preferences.Clinician Success: Empowering providers to deliver exceptional care complementing their practice.Technology Success: Demystifying intuitive, reliable telehealth platforms.Financial Success: Providing a framework to reap financial benefits of telehealth.Compliance Success: Navigating laws and regulations to clinicians' advantage.

By following these strategies, healthcare providers can transition from merely adopting telehealth to truly thriving with it. Telehealth promises a more accessible, convenient, affordable, and equitable healthcare future. This book provides the roadmap.
Advantage Media Group, Inc.
Jessica Wong, Mack Gordon
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