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Mobile Technologies Crash Course

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Communication is the key to success. Communication has helped us establish our societies and build communities. It is the human connection which is why humans have constantly researched ways in which they can communicate with each other – not just face to face, but also when they are located in two different locations. Everything from birds flying from one place to another with messages to the invention of phones that facilitated long distance calling was a result of our need to communicate with people in far locations as effectively as possible.
The mobile phone technology brought in a wave of changes to how telephony was perceived. With mobile phones, it became easier for people to talk to each other even when they were in different locations and that too without the limitations of the wired phones. While early mobile phones were very heavy making it difficult for people to carry the phone along with them wherever they went, mobile technologies helped in introducing advancements to these portable devices making it easier for people to carry it everywhere.
Where early mobile phones could have weighed almost about 1kg, mobile phones today are as light as 130 grams. Other technologies like camera, Bluetooth and app development introduced such functionalities and features to mobile phones which may not have been expected when the device was first invented.
Andrea Giordani
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