John Hulsman

The Last Best Hope

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In this brilliant exploration of American history and contemporary conservative politics, foreign policy expert John Hulsman draws on his years at the heart of Washington to present a compelling new vision of conservative realism.
In our current Age of Insecurity, Hulsman suggests, there has never been a bigger need for the re-ascendance of realist principles in conservative circles. By drawing on U.S. history to illustrate realist precepts at the heart of the American story, The Last Best Hope provides a practical, realist foreign policy for a new age of American politics.
There has never been a greater time to re-claim the primacy of conservative thought. By fusing the populist Jacksonian base of the GOP with the more libertarian Jeffersonian school of thought, this cogently argued manifesto hopes to grasp that opportunity, and to act as a clarion call for a new dominant realist foreign policy.
Whitefox Publishing Ltd
John Hulsman
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